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Saturday, May 31

7:30am PDT

10:00am PDT

(Collection Care + HVAC Session) Introduction to Session Pacific Concourse D-EPatricia Silence, [PA] (Health and Safety Session) Controlling Hazardous Collection Materials Pacific Concourse F-GKathryn Makos • Kerith Koss Schrager • Anne Kingery Schwartz-[PA] (Architecture Session) Protection of Cultural Sites: The Case of San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula, Oaxaca Garden RoomVera De La Cruz Baltazar (Book and Paper Session) Investigation of Historical Japanese Paper: Experiment to Re-Create Recycled Paper from 18th -19th century Japan Grand Ballroom AKazuko Hioki (Electronic Media Session) Sustainable Digital Preservation for Audiovisual Content Seacliff C-DLinda Tadic (Objects Session) Collaborative study and preservation of coastal Alaskan Native material culture with university students, museum staff, Alutiiq scholars and artists, and the visiting public Grand Ballroom BT Rose Holdcraft-[Fellow] • Patricia Capone • Sven Haakanson • Judy Jungels • Ellen Promise • Fran Ritchie (Paintings + Wooden Artifacts Session) Lost for One Hundred Years: The Conservation of a Unique Polychrome Neoclassical Pulpit in Upstate New York Bayview A-BAlexander M. Carlisle (Photographic Materials Session) Key Components of the Recent Major Revision of ISO 18902 Imaging Materials — Processed Imaging Materials — Albums, Framing and Storage Materials Grand Ballroom CDaniel Burge (Research and Technical Studies Session) Development and Testing of a Reference Standard for Documenting Ultraviolet Induced Visible Fluorescence. Seacliff A-BJennifer McGlinchey Sexton, [PA] • Jiuan Jiuan Chen-[PA] • Paul Messier, [PA]

10:10am PDT

10:30am PDT

(Collection Care + HVAC Session) The Road to Sustainable Environmental Management of Storage Conditions at The National Archives Pacific Concourse D-EKostas Ntanos (Health and Safety Session) Unintended Consequences of Persistent Residual Vapor-Phase Chemicals within Collection Storage Pacific Concourse F-GCatharine Hawks • Kathryn Makos (Architecture Session) Preserving an Endangered Lighthouse: Balancing the Needs of Natural and Cultural Resources Garden RoomFrances Gale (Book and Paper Session) Made of Paper: Robert Motherwell's Collage Materials in the 1940s Grand Ballroom AJeffrey Warda (Electronic Media Session) The California Audiovisual Preservation Project) A Statewide Collaborative Model to Preserve the State’s Documentary Heritage Seacliff C-DPamela Jean Vadakan (Objects Session) Pine Pitch: New Treatment Protocols for a Brittle and Crumbly Conservation Problem Grand Ballroom BChristina Bisculca • Dr. Nancy Odegaard • Marilen Pool • Madeleine Neiman • Brunella Santarelli • Gina Marie Watkinson (Paintings + Wooden Artifacts Session) Painted Totem Poles at the American Museum of Natural History: Treatment Challenges and Solutions Bayview A-BSamantha Alderson • Karl Knauer • Judith Levinson • Gabrielle Tieu (Photographic Materials Session) Technical Investigation of Environmental Concerns for the Exhibition of Diazotypes at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Grand Ballroom CGreta Glaser • Margaret Wessling • Katherine Sanderson (Research and Technical Studies Session) Recommendations for the Standardization of Digital Radiography of Cultural Heritage Materials Seacliff A-BE. Keats Webb • Blythe McCarthy

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