Harry Campbell

Ohio State University Libraries
Book and Paper Conservator
Columbus, OH
Harry Campbell is the Book and Paper Conservator for The Ohio State University Libraries (OSUL), managing the Conservation Unit of the Preservation and Reformatting Department, with a staff of two full-time employees, including an Assistant Rare Books Conservator and a Collections and Exhibits Conservation Assistant. Mr. Campbell has been with the OSUL in this position since 2003, and was also Head of Collection Maintenance at OSUL from 1985-1994. In between he worked as Senior Conservator at the Etherington Conservation Center from 1995-2002. He has an apprenticeship training from the University of Cincinnati Libraries Conservation Department, 1981-1984, under the direction of Gabrielle Fox and Virginia Wisniewski. He graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1968, majoring in painting, and subsequently studied painting for two years in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin.