Michael Angeletti

Stanford University Libraries
Moving Image Digitization Specialist
Redwood City, CA
Michael Angeletti is the moving image digitization specialist at the Stanford Media Preservation Lab. He began working with video as a broadcast news photographer and master control operator for network and cable news stations in northeast Kansas. After moving to New York City in 2001, he began managing post-production for creative services boutiques, working to create broadcast graphics, commercials and programs for network and cable television. In 2007, he left post-production to work at VidiPax, a media preservation vendor, where he contributed to a wide variety of projects, including the Coca-Cola Preservation Project and the Mister Rogers Archive Project, among many others. He left New York City in 2010 to join the Stanford Media Preservation Lab, where he continues to work, reformatting media collections for the Stanford University Libraries. Michael holds a BA in Film & Media Studies from the University of Kansas. He lives in Palo Alto.