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Nancy Lev-Alexander

Conservation Division / Library of Congress
Head, Collections Stabilization
Washington, District of Columbia
Nancy Lev-Alexander has served as a supervisor in the Conservation Division of the Library of Congress for 14 years where she leads the Collections Stabilization Section whose eight members focus on preventive needs of the Library's wide variety of special collections. The Section evaluates and executes housing and relocation plans including specifying or creating housing, monitors and analyzes environmental conditions in over 200 storage and exhibit locations, and performs a range of efficient treatments. Ms. Lev-Alexander has specialized in environmental analysis and facility design serving as a key preservation reviewer for a range of construction, renovation, mechanical improvements or remediation projects across Library campuses. She has also served as a member of the National Fire Protection Association's Cultural Resources Committee whose membership reviews and revises NFPA Code 909 which covers the protection of cultural heritage collections. She has served as Standards of Excellence Chair for the Guild of Book Workers and graduated with a diploma in hand book binding from the North Bennet Street School in 1991.