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Yasmine Chemali

The Fouad Debbas Collection
Beirut, Lebanon
Graduated from the Ecole du Louvre in Louvre Museum in Paris in preventive conservation and Islamic arts, Yasmine Chemali had her first experiences in the Islamic department of the Louvre museum and the textile department of the museum for Asiatic arts in Paris, before being the responsible for The Fouad Debbas private Collection in Beirut, Lebanon. Lecturer at Universities in Beirut, Ms. Chemali is in charge of a preventive conservation and collections' management course._x000D_
Member of ICOMOS and AIC Photographic Materials group, Yasmine Chemali is involved in regional initiatives such as the MEPPI Middle East Photograph Preservation Initiative (mentored by Mrs. Nora Kennedy, Mrs. Debra Hess Norris and Mr. Bertrand Lavedrine) and the MoHO Modern Heritage Observatory in Lebanon. Interested in climate control for photographic and archives collections, the author has developed a storage room adapted to photographs needs and advocates regularly awareness among local private collectors or institutions in terms of temperature and humidity control and rehousing or storage. At the occasion of the AIC-ICOM CC Joint Meeting in Wellington in February 2013, the author presented a regional emergency preparedness strategy for archives collections in Beirut. The article will be published in Topics vol 15. Thanks to Ms. Chemali efforts, The Fouad Debbas Collection was lately awarded the Endangered Archives Programme grant in order to catalog and index and digitize a representative sample of the collection in accordance to international digitization requirements._x000D_
Yasmine Chemali hopes to contribute strongly in bringing Lebanese institutions to international standards in terms of preventive conservation, heritage guidelines and digitization.