James Roy Smith

Smithsonian Institution
Safety Coordinator
Riverdale, MD

James R. Smith Jr, “J.R.”, is an Occupational Safety and Health Manager with the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Safety, Health and Environmental Management.  He previously served as Safety Manager for the Smithsonian's Museum Support Center and Natural History Museum, and as of 2012, holds an Associate Safety Professional certification.  He served in the United States Navy from 1974 until 2005.  While in the Navy, his duty station assignments included: Catania Sicily, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Yokosuka Japan, Naples Italy, and London England.  J.R.’s safety experience includes serving as the Safety Officer at the shipboard maintenance command in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and serving as the base safety petty officer and fire prevention inspector while in Sicily.  He received his undergraduate degree in 2005 from Excelsior University with a major in management and history.  In 2009, he completed his graduate degree receiving an M. Ed from the University of Mary Washington.